Newcomers: Data management planning for social sciences

  • Wed 12 Jan 22

    12:00 - 13:00

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    Cristina Magder, Hina Zahid

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    Workshops, training and support

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    UK Data Service

Are you conducting Social Science research and unsure where to begin?

Maybe you have already started with your research project but encountered a challenging issue you are struggling with? If you are either collecting primary data or conducting secondary research a good Data Management Plan (DMP) will help you ensure the data is managed well during and beyond the course of the project and will also facilitate data and/or code sharing. 

This webinar has been designed to provide an introduction to DMPs and to help you overcome challenges encountered during the data lifecycle by implementing good planning techniques. Most funders request a DMP to be submitted with the project proposal in order to ensure that any potential issues have been identified and feasible solutions can be implemented. 

The webinar will introduce key concepts for DMPs including: 

  • Data collection and assessment of existing sources
  • Documentation, metadata and quality assurance
  • Ethical and legal context
  • Storage, backup and preservation
  • Facilitating data sharing, project roles and responsibilities

The main takeaways from the webinar will be gaining a better understanding of Data Management Planning requirements in Social Sciences and being able to create a DMP for your research projects.

Event details

  • Wednesday 12 January 2022
  • 12pm - 1pm

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