Essex Startups: Legal Help for Student Startups – Trade Secrets and Confidential Information Law and Labour Law

Am I a sole trader? Am I a company? WHAT AM I?! Those, as well as many other dramatic questions, will be answered in our second session on legal aspects of starting a business as a student. You don’t want to miss this!

  • Wed 15 Dec 21

    15:30 - 17:00

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    Essex Startups

Learn the legal tools you need for starting your own business.


Trade Secrets and Confidential Information Law presentations will cover trade secrets as a type of confidential information that has exceptional value to businesses and is subject to special efforts to maintain its secrecy. It will examine in particular the type of information that can be protected under the law of confidence and the requirements needed for information to be regarded as confidential. Some emphasis will be given at employees’ duties in relation to taking or using trade secrets.

Labour Law presentations will cover the issue of employment status to explore how the law determines whether we are an employee, a worker or self-employed and the consequences of this classification for the level of protection we receive.


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