Essex Startups: Legal Help for Student Startups – Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law

How do I handle customer data? Can I put people on my mailing lists without their permission? What even is data? All of those are very good questions! We are putting together sessions to have you legal know-how covered! So come along and learn.

  • Wed 8 Dec 21

    16:00 - 17:30

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Learn the legal tools you need for starting your own business.

Intellectual Property Law
presentations will cover basic elements of intellectual property rights to understand what the requirements for obtaining a patent, copyright, and trademarks for a business are, and what these rights entail business owners to do. It will also include a discussion of how to avoid the infringement of intellectual properties of others, and some protections.


Data Protection Law Presentations will explain which are the responsibilities of businesses under data protection law, with emphasis on the processing of personal data and other information. Subject to discussion will be the way in which privacy is protected, the protection of personal and sensitive data, the ways in which data can be collected legally and processed in accordance with the law, and how to ensure data security.


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