Cancelled: Epidemic Temporalities and Public Health Policy

  • Thu 4 Nov 21

    16:00 - 17:00

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    Dr Dora Vargha

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Department of Sociology

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    Sociology, Department of

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    Dr Shaul Bar-Haim

Join the Department of Sociology for an insightful online seminar with Dr Dora Vargha on Epidemic Temporalities and Public Health Policy.


This event has been cancelled.

Dr Dora Vargha is Professor of History and Medical Humanities at the University of Exeter. She is author of Polio across the Iron Curtain: Hungary's Cold War with an Epidemic (Cambridge University Press, 2018).  

In the past year more people have become familiar with the graph of the epidemic curve than ever before. Beginnings, peaks and endings of COVID-19 occupy everyday discussions, inform policies, shape social interactions and provide bases for criticism and political action. What constitutes an ending, when that endpoint is and what might bring it about is more and more unclear, however. Through historical case studies, this talk explores some of the stakes in how we think about the temporalities of epidemics, and how their historical framing may impact on public health responses. 

This online webinar is part of an open seminar series, hosted by the Department of Sociology, to find out more visit the Department of Sociology and follow us on Facebook.

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