Accessing the Untapped Brand Leverage Potential - A capital market view

The Management and Marketing Research Group warmly invite you to join guest speaker Dr Marc Fischer from the University of Cologne.

  • Wed 3 Nov 21

    13:00 - 14:00

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    Professor Marc Fischer, Professor of Marketing Science and Analytics, University of Cologne

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Management and Marketing Group Research Seminar Series

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    Essex Business School

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    Dr Shakaib Akram

The Management and Marketing Research group invite Dr Marc Fischer, Professor of Marketing Science and Analytics at the University of Cologne to share his research on financial brand leverage strategy.

Seminar abstract

Do firms fully capitalize on the strength of their customer-based brand equity (CBBE)? If not, how large is the gap to a benchmark firm with brand capabilities that fully leverages its CBBE? Which strategic brand leverage factors should the firm emphasize to close the gap? This research addresses these questions.

The authors introduce a methodology through which firms can identify and measure the brand capabilities gap, and inform corrective action to the firm’s financial brand leverage strategy so that the firm can realize its full brand leverage potential. To close the brand capabilities gap, they examine three strategic customer-based brand leverage factors that firms can control via their marketing programs and tactics.

The application of the methodology to a broad sample of firms in the period 2005-2013 reveals that, on average, only 35% of the brand leverage potential is utilized. The brand capabilities gap is worth of impressive $2.1 bn per brand (4.3% of firm value). Differences exist across industries. CPG firms use their CBBE more efficiently compared to media, technology, and telecommunications firms.



How to attend

This seminar is free to attend with no need to register in advance.

Join this seminar online on Wednesday 3 November at 1pm.

We encourage you to join with your friends, colleagues and classmates.


Speaker bio

Dr Marc Fischer is Chaired Professor of Marketing Science and Analytics at the University of Cologne. His expertise includes the measurement and management of marketing performance, brand management and the optimization of marketing mix.

His articles have appeared in;

  • Journal of Marketing Research,
  • Journal of Marketing,
  • Marketing Science,
  • Management Science,
  • Quantitative Marketing and Economics,
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing,
  • Interfaces, and other academic journals.

Seven articles won major awards or were finalists, including Gary L. Lilien ISMS-MSI Practice Prize (2x), JMR Paul E. Green Award, INFORMS Franz Edelman Award, JM & JMR Lehmann Award, and VHB Best Paper Award (2x).

Dr. Fischer serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Marketing and on the Editorial Review Boards of Journal of Consumer Research and International Journal of Research in Marketing.

He was a professor of marketing (part-time) at the UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney, from 2014-2020. He is Morrison Faculty Fellow at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, Los Angeles, a founding member of the Advisory Council of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), Chicago, and serves on the Advisory Board of Analyx, Berlin, a company specialized in marketing analytics applications.

In 2001 and 2002, Dr. Fischer suspended his academic career to assume a position as associate at McKinsey & Company.

He has consulted with various multinational companies from diverse industries, such as retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, transportation, media/entertainment, financial services, market research services, consumer-packaged goods, logistics services, and business services, and served as expert witness for international law firms, especially in matters of branding.

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