Humanities Departmental mixer

Great opportunity to meet other students of Essex studying similar courses as you are.

  • Mon 11 Oct 21

    16:00 - 18:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Secret Garden

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  • Event organiser

    Student Union

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    Jeni Day

Get to know the wider academic families within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

There is beauty in our diversity 

As a Faculty, our uniqueness lies in the interconnection of the multiple and diverse disciplines within. From History, through Hospitality and Tourism, Law, Literature, Film and Theatre Studies to Philosophy and Arts - whatever department you belong to, whatever level you are, you are one of us.

Be part of the SU Departmental Mixers

The Essex SU, invites you to the SU departmental mixer for Faculty of Arts and Humanities, on the 11 October, 2021. Come to the Secret Garden at 4pm to 6pm, on theday and meet up with people taking same or similar courses as you. You also get to meet up with the people you see around the faculty, on your way out of, or, into a lecture. Yes! we are encouraging you, to get to know more than your circle of classmates, in this interactive session in an informal environment.

To those reporting to campus for the first time, this will be a fantastic way to meet in-person those friends, virtual learning made impossible to meet, as well as more Essex students. Continuing students are equally welcome to make new friends. So why not drop in on the day, and ask that person, you had always wanted to know who they are.

Our bonus package

Also present will be representatives (educationists) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, to answer questions and concerns you may have, all over bottles of soda.

Essex SU encourages you to come along and get to know more than your immediate classmates, for what we are today is a reflection of the bigger world we seek to explore.