Colchester Women's Students Community Mixer

Come along and connect with other women within the Essex community.

  • Thu 7 Oct 21

    18:00 - 20:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Secret Garden

  • Event type

    Community Mixers

  • Event organiser

    Student Union

  • Contact details

    Jeni Day

We aim to build a network of women within the Students' Union.

Colchester SU invites you to be part of our socialization event for all women students. This event aims to help you get to know more women within the Essex community, and expand your circle of friends. Yes! we are getting you to be as social as possible, within the Essex community.

Be part of this event on the 7 October, 2021 and get to meet other women studying in Essex. Get to share your experiences on this academic journey with others. You may be lucky to learn tips from others, on how they juggle life within and outside of the classroom. Get to chat away the evening in the hearty and casual environment of the Secret Garden.  Let's come together from 6pm to 8pm on the day and have fun, while connecting and building bonds and bridges that may extend beyond the classroom and outlive our days in Essex.