Health Services at Essex

Get to know the services we offer you. Register with us.

  • Mon 4 - Fri 8 Oct 21


  • Colchester Campus

    Square 5

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    Student Support

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    Samantha Hanley

Know the health services available to you locally, on Colchester Campus

How are you today? At Essex, your health and wellbeing remain a priority. We encourage you, not to wait till emergencies to learn about your local health centre.  Get to know our services and location on campus, today.

During the Welcome Week,  you can visit our stall at the Square 5, from 10am to 4pm,  to learn more about the health services available to you, on Colchester Campus.

Cease this opportunity to register with the University Health centre and obtain health care locally.

You, get to know about us. Register with us. Gain access to the services we offer locally.