Challenge the trainer

Introduce a little competition into your workouts.

Are you up for the challenge to outdo your virtual fitness trainer this week?

If your answer is yes! Then, Essex Sports, invites you to challenge our virtual fitness trainer in this fun filled, weekly event. Are you quarantining? Allow us to help you keep fit.

Getting involved

On Saturdays at 9am, starting from the 4 September, 2021;

  • Watch the pre-recorded videos of our fitness trainers, completing a challenge on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Listen attentively to the rules of the challenge.
  • Now, guided by the rules, record yourself repeating the same challenge.
  • Upload the video, any day within the week, on social media and tag Essex Sport on Facebook or Instagram 

Post Challenge

After the challenge, we encourage you to incorporate these exercises into your routine workouts. To explore more fitness techniques to add to your routine workouts, follow Essex Sports on  Facebook or Instagram