Thematic displays

Essex Libraries invite you to explore our theme for each month of the year.

  • Sun 29 Aug 21


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    Monthly thematic displays

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    Clarissa St. Yves

At Essex Libraries, we continuously give you reasons to make us your preferred source of information.

We, at Essex Libraries, aim at making a difference to your library experience. The monthly thematic displays is one of the many platforms used in this regard.

Each month we announce on Twitter and Essex Libraries page, a working theme. For 2-4 weeks, we display related books, reading lists and links, at the library foyer, for students to browse, borrow from and explore.

 For this academic year, our themes include, book-to-film adaptations, in our Adaptations and Inspirations theme, the Post-graduate Research themed display, based around thesis, PHDs, research support and open access, self guided tours for the library and Black history month.

Surprised at the diversity of subjects?

Yes!, we cover this broad a range of subjects, from skills development to literary interests and raging debates and topics.

 Whatever your interest we are sure to have something that excites you. Visit virtual link. Find out what is on for this month and get involved if this is something you.