Let's talk about... Women!

Join us online for an hour of discussion and insight into research on women and gender. 

  • Mon 19 Apr 21

    18:00 - 19:00

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    Rosanna Douglas-Head

Tracey, Marco and Tugce talk about their research on women and gender studies.

Learn how women’s emotional wellbeing and relationship to their bodies have changed over the years. Discover women’s experiences of partner imprisonment for violent crimes. And explore with us whether there is a direct impact on women reaching high-pay ranks in companies and organisations.

Missed the live event?

Don't worry, because we recorded the talk and it is now available. Click here to watch the recording.

Our speakers

Professor Tracey Loughran from our Department of History will discuss her research into women's psychological, emotional and bodily health in Britain, c. 1960-1990. In the post-war period, women were expected to lead very different lives to those of their mothers and grandmothers. But in what ways did these shifts alter women’s emotional wellbeing and relationship to their bodies?

Professor Marco Francesconi from our Department of Economics will pose the question: do generous parental leave policies help top female earners? Marco's research investigates parental leave which is viewed as a policy to help support womens' careers around childbirth. But does it help women to reach top positions in the upper pay rank of their firms?

Tugce Dolen is a doctoral student in our School of Health and Social Care. Her current research focuses on women’s experiences of partner imprisonment for violent crimes. Tugce will discuss her research and her experience of being a postgraduate student at Essex.

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