The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis Book Launch

  • Fri 26 Mar 21

    16:00 - 17:30

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The School of Law and Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Centre for Women, Peace and Security are proud to invite you to the book launch of The Law of War and Peace: a Gender Analysis - Volume One (Zed, 2021)


The book launch will commence with a presentation from Dr Kate Grady who designed the book cover. We will then hear from the authors of the book. A reader’s response will then be presented by Dr Yassin Brunger.

The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis

The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis offers a cutting-edge analysis of the relationship between law, armed conflict, gender and peace. This book, which is the first of two volumes, focuses on the interplay between international law and gendered experiences of armed conflict. It provides an in-depth analysis of the key debates on collective security, unilateral force, the laws governing conflict, terrorism and international criminal law.

While much of the current scholarship has centred on the UN Security Council's Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), this two-volume work seeks to move understandings beyond the framework established by WPS. It does this through providing a critical and intersectional approach to gender and conflict which is mindful of transnational feminist and queer perspectives.

Dr Kate Grady (SOAS, University of London)

Kate is a self-taught textile artist, working in mixed media and often using repurposed and recycled materials. Kate is particularly interested in the relationship between craft and the environment, and broader social and political structures. When not practising textile art, Kate is a lawyer.


Professor Gina Heathcote

Gina is Professor of Gender Studies and International Law at the SOAS School of Law where she teaches on International Law on the Use of Force, Gender and Armed Conflict, and Public International Law. As well as being co-author, with Sara Bertotti, Emily Jones and Sheri Labenski, of The Law of War and Peace: a Gender Analysis Vol 1 (Zed 2021), Gina is the author of Feminist Dialogues on International Law: successes, tensions, futures (OUP 2019), The Law on the Use of Force: a Feminist Analysis (Routledge 2012). Gina's research interests span feminist legal methodologies, collective security and the international law of the sea.

Dr Emily Jones

Emily is a Lecturer in the School of Law & Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex. Her research interests include feminist, queer and posthuman approaches to international law; the regulation of contemporary military technologies; and international environmental law and the rights of nature. As well as co-authoring The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis, Emily is also co-editing two volumes, the More Posthuman Glossary (forthcoming, Bloomsbury) and International Law & Posthuman Theory (forthcoming, Routledge). She is also in the process of writing her monograph entitled Feminist Theory and International Law: Posthuman Perspectives, forthcoming with Routledge's GlassHouse series. 

Dr Sheri Labenski

Sheri is a Research Officer in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the LSE where she works on the ERC funded project ‘Gendered Peace.’ Her book, Female Defendants in International Law: Feminist Dialogues, is forthcoming with Routledge later this year.

Sara Bertotti 

Sara is a Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Fellow at the SOAS School of Law where her research focuses on law, peace agreements and socio-political change.


Dr Yassin Brunger

Yassin is a Lecturer in Human Rights Law at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research interests include Public International Law; International Criminal Law; International Human Rights Law; Transitional Justice; and Gender and Society.

The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis Book Launch

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