Reaching Peak Performance with Neil Griffin and Mindspan

A three session series which focus on getting the most out of yourself and your mindset.

  • Thu 25 Mar - Thu 22 Apr 21


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    Registr for individual sessions via CareerHub

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    Neil Griffin

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    Workshops, training and support
    Reaching Peak Performance with Neil Griffin and Mindspan (3 session series)

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    Essex Startups

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    Krystian Bucko

Discover how to get the most out of yourself!

This series provides a taste of what it truly takes to reach personal peak performance.
Mindspan has spent the last twenty-one years researching what it is that enables people to perform at high levels. Our findings are, that whatever your surroundings or circumstances it is what is going on in your head that is most important. This series focuses on three key sessions:


Session 1 – Foundations of thinking

In this session, we will explore how your thinking influences your outcomes in life. What causes negative thinking spirals and more importantly how to recognise the signs and get yourself out of them quickly.

Session 2 – Why what you Focus on affects your Self Belief

Here we explore the understanding the limitations of your beliefs (personal truths).  We touch on how to utilise the Mindspan 5 steps to greater confidence. As well as discussing why your FOCUS is so crucial to your performance.

Session 3 – Gaining Clarity and Purpose in everything you do.

This session will explore how you can raise the quality of what you are doing and enhance your ROE (return on energy). Why valuing time and developing gratitude are your foundations for performance and happiness. As well as learning why clarity is so important for your brain and how this impacts your performance.

If you would like to join us, you need to register for each of the individual sessions. Click on the session titles to register.


If you have any questions, email startups@essex.ac.uk.