Human Rights Speaker Series: The Unión Hidalgo Case 

  • Wed 17 Mar 21

    15:00 - 16:30

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Please join us for the latest Human Rights Speaker Series, hosted by the University of Essex Human Rights Centre, Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales (ProDESC) and The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)


The Unin Hidalgo Case

Indigenous communities in Mexico are often discriminated and deprived of their rights. Under international and Mexican Law, they are granted the right to be consulted if a project is planned on their land. It is important that those responsible – the state or the companies concerned – ensure that consultation processes are fair and free from undue pressure and manipulation.  

Since 2015, the energy giant Electricité de France (EDF) plans to build the Gunaa Sicarú wind park on the land of the Mexican indigenous community of Unión Hidalgo. However, until now, EDF has failed to properly investigate the possible human rights risks of its operations in Unión Hidalgo’s area and has not implemented measures to protect the rights of the indigenous people, especially their right to be consulted on the proceedings as guaranteed according to the fundamental right to free, prior, and informed consent. 
That is why, on October 13 2020, representatives of Unión Hidalgo, ProDESC and the ECCHR filed a civil lawsuit in Paris urging EDF to respect Unión Hidalgo’s rights and suspend the Gunaa Sicarú wind park project until the company complies with its vigilance obligation. Indeed, under French law as well as according to international standards by the UN and the OECD, companies have an obligation to respect human rights in their global operations and along the supply chain. This also includes their subcontractors or suppliers. Therefore, EDF should take its responsibilities for the violations committed, according to the French loi de vigilance (2017).  



Alejandra Ancheita, Executive Director at ProDESC (Mexico).

Miriam Saage Maass, Program Director Business and Human Rights at ECCHR (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights).

Dr Tara Van Ho, Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Essex 

Chair: Dr Koldo Casla, Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Essex


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