Social Surrogates, Social Motivations, and Everyday Activities

The Case for a Strong, Subtle, and Sneaky Social Self

  • Tue 9 Mar 21

    16:00 - 17:00

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    Zoom (email for link)

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    Dr Shira Gabriel

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    Lectures, talks and seminars

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    Psychology, Department of

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    Dr Giulia Poerio

Although the idea of human beings being primarily and inextricably social has strong support in the psychological literature, an examination of how human beings actually choose to spend much of their time suggests a species more interested in solitude than social connection.

In this talk, Dr Shira Gabriel will argue that a careful examination of seemingly non-social activities actually strongly supports a view of humans as primarily and inextricably social beings.

For example, although we know we are being social when we call a friend on the phone or go to a party, my research suggests that we may also be socially motivated when we turn on the television, read a book, watch a football game, or go to a movie.

Dr Gabriel will present evidence that supports a conception of a social self that propels us to actions that may not seem social to those around us, or even to ourselves, but that are actually fulfilling our very human and highly pervasive needs for social connection.


Dr Shira Gabriel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Buffalo

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