Res Life Online Events from 8 - 14 February

Take your pick out of a range of virtual events and activities hosted by Residence Life. All students welcome to be part of our online community.

  • Mon 8 - Sun 14 Feb 21


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    Networking or social

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    Residence Life

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    Residence Life

Each week we'll be posting a selection of online programmes hosted by our fantastic Residents' Assistant (RA) team. Take part in any events or activities which you're interested in. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, stay connected, and be part of our online community.

All Residence Life programmes are open to both on and off campus students from any location – no booking needed, just log on and join the event at the start time.

What's on this week?


  • Be inspired, and make Butterfly origami

Tuesday 9 February
Time: 7-8pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 991 9263 3918

Come and have a chat with other students about your feelings for the term ahead, discuss your plans and goals for the upcoming term and the rest of your student journey. Also, have a go at some origami! All you will need is a square of paper. Butterflies have long been associated as symbolic of change and transformation so we’ll be learning how to make an origami butterfly. There will also be some motivational and empowering clips shared from popular Ted Talk videos on aspirations and goal-setting. Hosted by RA Norma (South Courts) 

  • Crepes Day

Tuesday 9 February
Zoom Meeting ID: 669-305-4276

Join our Meadows RA Margaux for the Traditional French Chandeleur. 


  • Don't delay - find a job today.

Wednesday 10 February 2021
Time: 8pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 912 3598 4753

Hosted by RA Kris (South Towers), come along and find out first hand from a current student how to find part-time work alongside your studies. Kris will give you more information about the Careers Hub, and share the benefits of engaging with our Careers Service on campus. Find out some information on writing your CV, as Kris will share his experiences of writing his CV and getting help from the Careers Service at UoE.

  • Volunteering in the local community (and movie night!) 

Wednesday 10 February 2021
Time: 6-8pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 976 0980 2547

The programme will share virtual volunteering opportunities which are available for students in the local community and beyond. Opportunities will be available for residents to ask questions about the local community or volunteering as a whole. Then if you want to spend some downtime, this will be followed by a movie night through Teleparty so people can connect with one another and enjoy a movie together. Hosted by RA Eleanor (North Towers)

  • Essex, take a closer look at our community

Saturday 13 February 2021
Time: 8-9pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 578 333 8955

Join this Res Life event and learn more about our local community. We hope to stimulate your curiosity and encourage students to visit interesting places all across Essex county (when restrictions allow). Hosted by RA Karolina (North)


Remember, all Residence Life programmes are open to both on and off campus students from any location – no booking needed, just log on to Zoom and join the event at the start time. Find out more about using Zoom. If you have any suggestions for upcoming programmes, please email us