Essence Taxonomy of Brazilian family businesses and governance strategy implications

The Essex Accounting Centre (EAC) warmly invite you to join guest speaker Professor Fabio Frezatti from the University of Sao Paulo as he discusses his work on the governance of family businesses in emerging markets.

  • Wed 27 Jan 21

    14:00 - 16:00

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    Professor Fabio Frezatti, Business and Accounting of the University of Sao Paulo (USP)

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Essex Accounting Centre (EAC) Research Seminar Series

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    Essex Business School

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    Dr Danson Kimani

The aim of the Essex Accounting Centre (EAC) research seminar series is to support our world-class research activities in four key areas; social responsibility and corporate governance; (management) accounting change (in privatised, public and third sectors); global development, corruption and accountability; and reporting, regulation and capitol markets. The seminar series is also expected to promote interdisciplinary research that links the work of members of the centre with others both within the university and with external institutions. 

Seminar abstract

This study advances the discussion on the governance of family businesses in emerging markets by exploring a taxonomy based on the F-PEC model in order to improve the essence concept, as an antecedent of governance strategy.

It may enable the entity to adapt during its lifetime. The survey covered unlisted private Brazilian family businesses, from which a final sample of 107 firms were obtained.

Multiple data analysis procedures were applied, including exploratory factor and confirmatory factor analyses, cluster analysis and discriminant analysis.

Four types of family business emerged;

  • family control
  • dedicated family control with strong value
  • family business after founder time with strong values
  • family involved in control and management

This presentation fills some of the knowledge gaps by developing taxonomy based on family business essence as well as on an emerging markets and by offering a family business taxonomy without the influence of the stock market.

The conclusions provides a contribution to governance literature by identifying one profile that deviates for from the concept of essence and three others that are adherent due to different combinations of power, experience, and culture elements.

The family business particularities identified in the different clusters involve different implications for governance in terms of individuals, structure, activities, and rules.


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Speaker bio

Professor Fabio Frezatti is a Professor in the Accounting and Actuarial Sciences Department since 1997 and the Dean of the School of Econometrics, Business and Accounting of University of Sao Paulo (USP) since 2018. He had previously held the position of Coordinator of the graduate programme in Accounting and Controllership at FEA USP.

He graduated in Business Administration, Masters in Business Administration and PhD in Accounting and Controllership all from USP. He has also served in a postdoctoral position at the University of Illinois in 2000.

Fabio previously worked as a Financial Executive for several companies, occupying executive positions, mainly in multinational organisations, He served as an Administrative Director and Research Director at FIPECAFI, a foundation that supports the Accounting and Actuarial Sciences Department. He was elected Vice President of IPECAFI and currently works as Chairman of the Board of the Fundação Fundo Patrimonial FEA, an endowment fund, during the period of 2018 - 2022.

Professor Frezatti supported the Brazilian Federal Research Agencies (CAPES and CNPq) as an advisory council. He served as head of the Accounting and Actuarial Sciences Department at FEA USP and representing the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting for the University council of USP. H was also elected a member of USP's Budget and Heritage Committee.

Fabio is a founding member of ANPCONT, National Graduated Course Association and its first president.

His current research focus is the family business segment under themes of management control.

He is the editor-in-chief of the journal Revista Contabilidade and Finanças USP (Accounting and Finance Review USP) since 2011.

As for publications, Professor Frezatti has featured in Brazilian and International academic journals, this includes over 50 papers registered in conference proceedings in the many countries including USA, Japan, Italy etc...

Fabio has authored six books about the following topics; 

  • value management in the company
  • business budget
  • cash management
  • management of economic-viability financial investment projects
  • management control 
  • problem-based learning

He received the 1987 Levi-Strauss International Award for work related to cash flow. He was the recipient for co-authored published work 2007 Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Award.