Human Rights Speaker Series: Feminist and Queer Approaches to International and Transnational Law

  • Wed 20 Jan 21

    10:00 - 11:30

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    Human Rights Centre Speaker Series

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This seminar event hosted by the Human Rights Centre will be explored by our guest speakers Gina Heathcote, Professor of International Law at SOAS University of London, Emily Jones, Lecturer of International Law & Gender at University of Essex and Prabha Kotiswaran, Professor of Law & Social Justice at King's College London.

Professor Gina Heathcote

Title: Gender Law Reform: Histories and Methodologies 

Gina Heathcote is Professor of Gender Studies and International Law at the SOAS School of Law where she teaches the International Law on the Use of Force, Gender and Armed Conflict and Public International Law.
She is the author of Feminist Dialogues on International Law: successes, tensions, futures (OUP 2019), The Law on the Use of Force: a Feminist Analysis (Routledge 2012) and (forthcoming) co-author, with Sara Bertotti, Emily Jones and Sheri Labenski, of The Law of War and Peace: a Gender Analysis Vol 1 (Zed 2021). Gina's research interests span feminist legal methodologies, collective security and the international law of the sea.

Dr Emily Jones

Title: Posthuman Feminist Approaches to International Law

Dr Emily Jones is a Lecturer in the School of Law & Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex. Her research interests include: feminist, queer and posthuman approaches to international law; the regulation of contemporary military technologies; and international environmental law and the rights of nature. She recently co-authored The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis (Volume 1), (Zed, forthcoming 2021) and is working on Volume 2 with her co-authors. Emily is also co-editing two volumes, the More Posthuman Glossary (forthcoming, Bloomsbury) and International Law & Posthuman Theory (forthcoming, Routledge) and is currently drafting her monograph entitled Feminist Theory and International Law, forthcoming with Routledge's Glass House series.

Professor Prabha Kotiswaran

Title: A TWAIL approach to Transnational Law

Prabha Kotiswaran is Professor of Law & Social Justice at King's College London. Her main areas of research include criminal law, transnational criminal law, sociology of law, postcolonial theory and feminist legal theory. She has authored Dangerous Sex, Invisible Labor: Sex Work and the Law in India (Princeton 2011, winner of the 2012 SLSA-Hart Prize for Early Career Academics) and co-authored Governance Feminism: An Introduction (Minnesota 2018, with Janet Halley, Rachel Rebouché and Hila Shamir). She has edited Sex Work (Women Unlimited, Delhi 2011), Towards an Economic Sociology of Law (Wiley 2013, with Amanda Perry-Kessaris and Diamond Ashiagbor), Revisiting the Law and Governance of Trafficking, Forced Labor and Modern Slavery (Cambridge University Press 2017) and Governance Feminism: Notes from the Field (Minnesota 2019, with Janet Halley, Rachel Rebouché and Hila Shamir). She is currently working on a project on the laws of social reproduction.

Professor Dianne Otto

Title: Queer feminist approaches to International Law

Dianne Otto is Professorial Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her research, in the field of public international law and human rights law, includes addressing gender, sexuality and race inequalities in the context of international human rights law, the UN Security Council’s peacekeeping work, the technologies of global ‘crisis governance’, threats to economic, social and cultural rights, and the transformative potential of people’s tribunals and other NGO initiatives. Her recent publications include Queering International Law: Possibilities, Alliances, Complicities, Risks (editor, Routledge 2018).

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