Res Life Celebrating Cultural Diversity: 14 - 20 December

Take your pick out of a range of virtual events and activities hosted by Residence Life. All students welcome to be part of our online community.

  • Mon 14 - Sun 20 Dec 20


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    Networking or social

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    Residence Life

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    Residence Life

Each week we'll be posting a selection of online programmes hosted by our fantastic Residents' Assistant (RA) team. Take part in any events or activities which you're interested in. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, stay connected, and be part of our online community.

All Residence Life programmes are open to both on and off campus students from any location – no booking needed, just log on and join the event at the start time.

What's on this week?

Our RAs have put together some virtual events and activities, all of which are designed to showcase and celebrate cultural diversity, as well as the importance of promoting inclusivity. They will help us work on our own individual understanding and awareness. We have a selection of movie nights, quizzes, and debate evenings for students to come together to connect and network. 


  • Debate Night

Monday 14 December 2020
Zoom Meeting ID: 9143 3388 385

Join our Quays RAs Sarah and Faith to flex those debating skills and talk about all things relating to world culture topics and key issues circulating the globe today.

  • World Culture Quiz

Monday 14 December 2020
Zoom Meeting ID: 9512 238 0276

Join our general knowledge quiz on World Cultures to meet others, have fun and learn about different cultures. For each question in the quiz there will be 30 seconds to give the answer before the next question is asked and the winner will be announced at the end. Hosted by RA Agnes (Southend).

  • Cultural Storytelling Night

Thursday 17 December 2020
Zoom Meeting ID: 953 1171 9864 

Engage in our round-the-table storytelling night on Zoom and explore the wide variety of cultures in our university community. During the programme, each attendee in turn will share an interesting story or two associated with their culture and engage in friendly discussion with others. Hosted by RA Adedapo (Southend). 

  • Cultural Movie Night

Saturday 19 December 2020
7pm onwards
Zoom Meeting ID: See event details below. 

Explore historical events, cuisines and cultures through film. RAs Iva and Dara (North) will be hosting a movie night - all you have to do is take your pick over which one to watch - either ‘The Story of Diana & I’ - get an insight into historical British culture and acquainted with the British monarchy or ‘Street Food: Asia’ - taking a look at cuisines across Asian countries for recipe inspiration and open your food palette and knowledge to different foods from around the world. To watch The Story of Diana, use Zoom Meeting ID 981 4994 2736. To watch Street Food: Asia, use Zoom Meeting ID 960 6845 9940


  • 'Hamilton' Musical Screening 


Saturday 19 December 2020
8pm onwards
Zoom Meeting ID: 919 7021 8668

Famously referred to as a 'story of America then, told by America now', join in with our watch party of the Hamilton musical. Hosted by SRA Lucrezia (Meadows). 


  • 'Over The Moon' - Screening

Sunday 20 December 2020
7pm onwards
Zoom Meeting ID: 957 4484 2728

Join to watch a traditional piece of Chinese mythology re-imagined, the movie Over The Moon, available on Netflix. Hosted by RA David (North). 


  • Cultural Diversity - Trivia Quiz

Sunday 20 December 2020 
Zoom Meeting ID: 939 9963 8356 

Get ready to test your knowledge of different cultures and customs! Increase your awareness and knowledge of other cultures whilst joining in with a fun trivia quiz! Hosted by RA Karolina (North).


Remember, all Residence Life programmes are open to both on and off campus students from any location – no booking needed, just log on to Zoom and join the event at the start time.

Find out more about using Zoom. If you have any suggestions for upcoming programmes, please email us