How many finite rings are there?

  • Thu 10 Dec 20

    15:00 - 16:00

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    Professor Simon Blackburn

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    Jesus Martinez-Garcia

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How many finite rings are there?

For a positive integer n, write f(n) for the number of isomorphism classes of rings of order n. What can we say about f(n)? Determining f(n) exactly for all n looks unrealistic, but in 1970 Kruse and Price (J LMS) stated an asymptotic result that gives the growth rate of f(n) as n goes to infinity.  Sadly, there are problems with their proof.

Professor Blackburn will talk about recent joint work with K. Robin McLean (University of Liverpool) in which they fix the problems, and improve the error terms, of the Kruse--Price result. No knowledge of ring theory above a first undergraduate course will be assumed!


Prof Simon Blackburn, Royal Holloway, University of London

How to attend 

If not a member of the Dept. Mathematical Science at the University of Essex, you can register your interest in attending the seminar and request the Zoom’s meeting password by emailing Dr Jesus Martinez-Garcia

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