Wellbeing for HR managers

Staff, students and supporters are invited to join the CIPD Essex and Ipswich branch annual event to help us explore the wellbeing of HR professionals.

  • Tue 17 Nov 20

    15:00 - 17:30

  • Online

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    CIPD Essex and Ipswich Branch Annual Event

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    Essex Business School

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In this virtual 2.5 hour conference, academics from Essex Business School and expert practitioners from a range of professional settings explore agile working, action learning, wellbeing in job and career choice and healthy selfishness.


3.00pm: Welcome and introduction

Julie Temple, Co-chair, Essex and Ipswich CIPD and Dr Danielle Tucker, Essex Business School.

Agile working and the HR professional

Dr Ian Roper, Essex Business School, will talk about the the notion of agile working, what it is and what its origins are. He will explore the extent to which Covid-19 may be boosting certain elements of the agile agenda and examine the benefits and dangers that some of this may bring about if it becomes the new normal.

The potential for employer (critical) action learning to support the wellbeing of HR managers

Dr Maria Hudson, Essex Business School, will share her research on how to build an employer action learning set to improve mental health in the workplace; outcomes of this process include learners reflecting on their own mental health and wellbeing and combating a sense of HR manager isolation.

Question and answers with University of Essex speakers

The importance of wellbeing in job and career choice

John Toplis, Co-chair, CIPD Essex and Ipswich Branch, and Amanda Whiteford, Chair, CIPD Chelmsford and South Essex Group, will discuss how you decide what jobs to apply for, with your current employer or elsewhere.

The traditional view is that job content is the key factor. However, studies of wellbeing suggest that many other factors may be important to you or those that you advise. John Toplis will suggest some of these factors and ways of taking stock of them, while Amanda Whiteford will discuss some practical tactics for ‘healthy selfishness’ or ‘self-love’.

John is a Chartered Psychologist whose career involved working as a Management Development Adviser and with the Careers Service. Amanda is an Executive Coach and business consultant.

Question and answer session

Closing remarks

5.30pm: Close


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