International Treasure Hunt

Get yourself dressed ready for a walk, as we are about to send you on a photo hunt around campus!

This is the perfect opportunity to form a team with your flatmates and join an interactive session around campus, aiming to complete a list of photo tasks which we will hand out to you on the day.

Become more familiar with the campus and everything it has to offer, as well as having an enjoyable day. For the most creative teams and photos, we will award extra points, and at the end if the day we will award the team with the highest score!

Join us at the International catch-up to hear your VP International, Alex, announce the winners.

COVID safety measures will be put in place for the safety of all our members and joining participants. In relation to the government guidelines, we limit the group participants to a maximum of 6 members per group.

To participate in this please collect your task paper from Student Union reception.

Make sure you use our #internationalatEssex, for any photos you might upload on FB and Instagram. We will make sure to look up for them and where possible add them on our social media pages.