International Welcome Mixer

  • Wed 7 Oct 20

    10:00 - 15:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Marquee on Square 3

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  • Event organiser

    Student Union

Meet our VP International Alex, hang out with friends and, make new ones!

 We know how difficult it can be just to sit around and not be able to go out! So, we have created the opportunity for you to get out and about, explore and learn, more about our Colchester Campus and the Students’ Union. This is an excellent opportunity to come down with your flatmates and enjoy a day out. Bring anything you would like to enjoy (Food, drinks, bevs – anything really)

Our VP International Alex will be there to answer any questions and queries you might have regarding the next academic year, international concerns and more! Each table will also be provided with a bingo sheet, which we encourage you to complete and see just how much you engaged with since your arrival and if there are still things you have not yet have the chance to see or interact with.

We also have prizes for this bingo session, so get ready!

As this is an in-person event rather than on zoom, we have taken all the required precautions in order to ensure the safety and good health of all our joining parties! It is essential that you follow these guidelines at this event:

  • You will need to book a free ticket to come to this event   
  • Sign in using QR code on arrival and also sign a register when required
  • Use hand sanitiser on your hands on arrival 
  • Stay seated in your allocated seat during the event  
  • Do not shout or sing
  • Please be respectful of others

If you do not follow these rules it is likely that you will be asked to leave.

For ticket booking and more information see the SU Event webpage.

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We limit the number of people to 6 per group per table, in agreement with the government regulations, and we permit booking for a maximum of 1 hour in order to ensure everyone gets to enjoy some quality time at our International Mixer!

Make sure you use our #internationalatEssex, for any photos you might upload on FB and Instagram. We will make sure to look up for them and where possible add them on our social media pages.

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