Department of History Film Evening

The Department of History is hosting an online film evening, where we will be showing the classic film 'Cat People' (1942). The evening will be hosted by Dr Matthew Grant.

Cat People (1942) is an American horror classic directed by Jacques Tourneur. Made on a small budget and running at only 70 minutes long, the film relies on psychological drama and the evocation of the supernatural more than the standard shocks and gore of the ‘monster’ films of the same era. The movie is both an entertaining Hollywood classic and a brilliant example of the fears and anxieties that characterised American popular culture at the time, including ideas of madness, heredity and race. The film is available for everyone to see on BBC iPlayer.

The evening will begin with a brief introduction by Dr Matthew Grant. There will then be time for everyone to watch the film, and for questions and comments at the end. You may just want to watch or join in the discussion, but don’t miss out on this great thriller!