Essex Business School and Kaplan Singapore Conference 2020

A one day, online, conference on alternative education practices and what we can make of them today.

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for presentation at the second joint University of Essex and Kaplan Singapore Symposium. 


Over many years, there has emerged a rich tradition of alternative education practices, from the ideas and practices of Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich, to the formation of free schools and non-institutional forms of organised self-education.

These education alternatives are built upon a foundation of deep learning, as participants take part out of interest or enthusiasm for the topic, rather than as means to attain a qualification or degree.

This symposium will explore these approaches to applied teaching and learning.

What can we make of these dynamics for rethinking approaches to teaching and learning today?

That is to say what can be gleamed from histories and practices that are often quite critical of official educational institutions and brought back to enrich and improve more 'standard' teaching practices?


  • Location: This conference will take place online. Once you register your attendance on Eventbrite you will be contacted with your unique joining instructions.
  • Date: 29 July 2020
  • Abstract deadline: 1 July 2020
Essex Business School and Kaplan Singapore Conference 2020

The symposium will feature a keynote session run by the Bras Basah School of Theory and Philosophy.


The Bras Basah School of Theory and Philosophy, is a collective aiming to discuss, converse and share in an atmosphere of peer-learning.

Attuned to recent trends in critical theory and continental philosophy, and engaged in fields beyond, we are experimenting with modes of humanistic inquiry, discussion and critique.

They also try to expand perspectives, thinking the world beyond Eurocentric discourses.

Some current initiatives include small reading groups, and intimate sessions involving theory and philosophy and a particular cultural medium, eg. films, photography and sound.

Conference details

Call for papers

Submission procedure 

Those wishing to present their research in the form of a paper at the conference should send their abstracts to Stevphen Shukaitis and copy in Juergen Rudolph and use the subject ' Paper Submission for Essex/Kaplan Conference 2020'

Abstracts (300 words) should summarise the following; Main idea / Argument, conceptual framework, significance, and key terms.

All Abstracts will be peer-reviewed, and the authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare a full paper for consideration for subsequent publication in a special edition of the Journal for Applied Learning and Teaching.

Possible Themes

Including but not limited to; 

  • Moving beyond the 'banking' . sage on the stage model of education
  • Conviviality as teaching method and approach
  • Practices to fostering critical perspectives within the classroom
  • Histories of alternative education practices
  • Non-institutional approaches to teaching and learning
  • Other related approaches to alternative education / educational alternatives



The conference will take place online.

Please register your attendance on Eventbrite

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