Getting ready to study at Essex

  • Wed 1 Jul - Wed 12 Aug 20


  • Online

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We know starting university can be a daunting time for everyone and with the current struggle the world is facing right now, it hasn't got any easier. However, here at Essex we've come up with something to prepare you for starting with us.

We've got a 6 week course to help...

To help prepare you for Essex this coming Autumn, we're launching a 6 week course designed to help you prepare for life with us. This course is voluntary and you can choose which bits you attend and which bits you skip. Or, you can attend it all, it is totally flexible and up to you! Our aim is for you to feel comfortable and ready for university at the end of the 6 weeks.

This free course starts on 1 July and will be fully online over a 6 week period. Each week there will be a short online lecture, some home reading and online activities to complete. You'll also have the opportunity to chat with academics and other students through webinars.

As well as this course, using our online platform Moodle X, we've got a wealth of information for you about welcoming you as an Essex student, our library facilities and links to all our social media channels to help keep you fully in the loop with all things Essex.

So watch this space and keep checking your emails and, we'll be back in touch very soon with more information about how to enrol on the course and what it's going to look like.