Ways to Wellbeing: Mindfulness for Uncertain Times

An online Zoom webinar

  • Mon 1 Jun 20

    13:00 - 13:45

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    Caroline Barratt

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    Workshops, training and support
    Essex Life Online

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    Student Life

Engaging in mindfulness practices can be helpful for some people as a way of reducing stress and calming the mind.

It can be particularly enjoyable to engage in practices in the company of others and although we will not be in the same room – we will be practising together!

Ways to Wellbeing: Mindfulness for Uncertain Times

When life suddenly feels uncertain and unknown, anxiety is a natural and in some respects helpful reaction. We need to be alert, aware and able to respond to what is around us. However, it can become very stressful for both body and mind which can undermine our health just when we need to be functioning at our best.

During this webinar Caroline Barratt will guide you through a 30 minute mindfulness practice. There will be a short explanation before we begin and guidance during the practice. The practice will start promptly at 1.10pm. Please make sure you have joined and are sitting comfortably by that time, you will be able to join from 1pm. Assistance with issues joining the webinar will not be given once the practice has started. The practices will be appropriate for beginners and Caroline will be available for questions at the end.

Please note that if you are suffering with acute mental illness, anxiety, or have experienced recent trauma, it may not be the best time to try mindfulness practice for the first time. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Caroline via email: barrattc@essex.ac.uk

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