CANCELLED:  Teacher CPD week - Mastering time and workload

A practical workshop that tackles the challenges of dealing with workload.

  • Fri 3 Apr 20

    09:00 - 16:00

  • Colchester Campus

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    Workshops, training and support

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This event forms part of the University of Essex Teachers and Advisers CPD Week.

A practical workshop that tackles the challenges of dealing with workload. The emphasis is on exploring a range of effective and realistic tools that work in the real education environment, from multitasking and classic prioritising approaches, through popular ideas such as the ‘pomodoro’ technique, and on to the latest ideas for dealing with time sinks such as email etc. By the end of the day, you will gain a range of ideas to help you deal with your workload in efficient, effective and stress reducing ways. 

Programme for the day:

9:00am - Registration 

9:20am - Welcome to the University of Essex 

9:40am - Classic Time Management Ideas for Workload 

We start the day looking at some of the classic ideas for time management and workload such as prioritisation and listing, before moving on to other more recent tools and ideas such as the Pomodoro approach, and the Pareto principle. We will also look at the challenges of multitasking.

11:00am - Tea/coffee break and networking 

11:15am - Dealing with Major Time Sinks 

In this session we look at ways to deal with the ever-increasing problems caused by email, as well as other major time sinks such as meetings, dealing with parents etc.

12:30pm - Lunch and Campus Tours 

1:30pm - Personal Factors in Workload 

Here, we explore individual factors behind workload issues, from chronotypes through to building confidence and assertiveness to increase success when raising or challenging workload issues in schools.

2:35pm - Tea/coffee break 

2:40pm - Workload and Resilience 

To finish our day, we will find the most effective ways to ensure that workload doesn’t reduce our wellbeing by looking at how to build resilience and increase effectiveness while dealing with the challenges of high school workloads.

4:00pm - Close 

About Mike Culley

Mike is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who specialises in training, coaching and using applied psychology with individuals and organisations. His work is particularly relevant to educational professionals, and he has provided training on behalf of the NEU, among others.

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