Green Impact – Single-use Plastics Webinar

Learn about single-use plastic, how we can reduce them and what the alternatives are. 

  • Wed 1 Apr 20

    12:00 - 13:30

  • Online

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    Ellie Turner

A Green Impact webinar about single-use plastics.

This workshop will be led by SOS UK Green Impact Project Officer Grace Corn and the Sustainability Team. Grace will discuss single-use plastics and what the alternatives are.

By attending the event you can complete a Green Impact open action in Bronze (B018), Silver (S018) or Gold (G019).

All you need to do is attend the webinar and then follow up by completing either of the below:

  • Write a short paragraph to be added to your department newsletter
  • Post on social media about the session and what you have learnt.

Email Ellie Turner at et19589@essex.ac.uk to be added to the zoom event. 


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