CANCELLED: CPD week - Technological teaching and learning

Engage with cross-curricular technology that spans across devices and age ranges.

  • Mon 30 Mar 20

    09:00 - 16:00

  • Colchester Campus

    North Teaching Centre

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    Workshops, training and support

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This event forms part of the University of Essex Teachers and Advisers CPD week

Engage with cross-curricular technology that spans across devices and age ranges. In this full day of training delivered by Nick Acton from JTRS, teachers will explore innovative new ways of approaching day-to-day classroom teaching and learning. Everyone will get hands on and engage with a number of applications that are accessible on a huge range of devices. This means that the training is relevant to all teachers no matter the technological background of their schools.

9:00am - Registration 

9:20am - Welcome to the University of Essex 

9:40am - Presenting and Assessing through Technology

Engage with and create your own interactive assessment and presentation resources for teaching and learning. Through the use of one multi-device application, educators can learn to make innovative technology that can present new learning objectives and create dynamic assessment data on the classes understanding of any given topic. 

11:00am - Tea/coffee and networking 

11:15am - Digital Workflow 

Engage in learning activities with a technological edge that helps children to better collaborate and consolidate their ideas. By connecting with one web-based application, an entire class and their teacher can share work digitally back and forth whilst the app cleverly creates a learning journey for each individual child in the background. Build your own digital classroom in this session that you can take back to school no matter what your technological infrastructure looks like. 

12:30pm - Lunch and campus tours 

1:30pm - Revision and Quizzing 

Use technology to revise and quiz your class on any given subject. During this session participants will create their own technological resources that can help children to revisit learning topics in a fun and innovative way. No matter what devices you use at school, these applications can be utilised to enhance revision and quizzing whilst simultaneously doing the marking for you. 

2:35pm - Tea/coffee break

2:40pm - Collaborative Creativity

Explore how technology can expand creativity and offer more ways for children to share their ideas. Through the use of a number of easy to use applications, participants will get hands on to produce imagery, videos and music that can be attached to any number of enriching educational endeavours. We will also look at the myriad of ways that technology can help children and teachers to safely share their creations with each other.  

4:00pm - Close

Registration for this event is now open on Eventbrite.

If any of your staff or students would like to access our Faith Centre while on campus, please let the event organiser know.