Intolerance of progress and diversity of opinion

A student led round table discussion, organised by the Human Rights Society with an opening statement from Professor Rainer Schulze, an Emeritus Professor from the Department of History

  • Thu 30 Jan 20

    17:45 - 19:15

  • Colchester Campus

    HRC Seminar Room – 5S.6.25

  • Event speaker

    Professor Rainer Schulze

  • Event type

    Holocaust Memorial Week

  • Event organiser

    Corporate events

  • Contact details

    Holly Ward

Want to fight intolerance and stand up for diversity? Join us for a student led round table discussion, hosted by Emeritus Professor Rainer Schulze...

Intolerance of progress and diversity of opinion

This event, led by the Human Rights Society, will explore what we can learn from the Nazi Burning of Books in 1933.  Professor Rainer Schulze, (Department of History) will give a short historical introduction, followed by Robertas Skipitis (Human Rights Society) sharing his thoughts as to why he feels that these events from almost 90 years have such resonance today. The main part of the event will be an open discussion with everyone invited to contribute their ideas as to what we can do to fight intolerance and attempts to restrict diversity of opinion.