Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0

The University of Essex CSEE department will be hosting a number of talks on Industry 4.0 communication

  • Tue 17 Dec 19

    13:00 - 17:00

  • Colchester Campus


  • Event speaker

    Professor Jos Knockaert, Professor Klaus Mcdonald Maier, Professor Gareth Howells & Wesley Cottegnie

  • Event type

    Workshops, training and support

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    Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, School of

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    Philip George

The INCASE project

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is the next industrial revolution. Manufacturers are focusing on client specific production and added value products. The projects main objective is to close the gap between the 2 Seas region and Germany & other leading countries. This is done by developing and demonstrating the necessary key technologies towards companies, in this way facilitating the conversion towards I4.0.

The University of Essex will be hosting an afternoon of talks and demonstrations on Industry 4.0 including speakers from The University of Essex, The University of Kent and Ghent University. 

Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0


17 December 2019, University of Essex

13:00 Introduction – what is INCASE?

Prof Gareth Howells, University of Kent

13:10 Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

Prof Jos Knockaert, Ghent University

Everybody in the industrial world is talking about I4.0. But is your company ready for I4.0? Or is I4.0 only a hype passing by? A view on how I4.0 can change the industrial world.

13:50 Realisation of an power quality measurement device

Wesley Cottegnie, Ghent University

A number of essential steps in the design of a DSP-controlled power quality logger are explained: how to select a suitable measurement method for your application and how to determine whether an ADC meets the specifications of your design. This is followed by a demonstration of the storage and visualization of the measurement data to the users.

14.30 Tea

15.00 High-Speed FPGA-based Solutions for Industry 4.0 Communication

Prof Klaus McDonald-Maier & Prof Dongbing Gu, University of Essex

The Embedded and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (EIS Group) from the University of Essex will give this session introducing some of their recent work on diagnostic technology for Industry 4.0, such as the latest Xilinx Netjury device, a powerful test tool for real-time industrial communication protocols with programmable FPGA logic.

Through a series of practical demonstrations, attendees will learn how to simulate, synthesize, and implement high-speed industrial communication (Ethernet, Profinet) using FPGAs and their potential use in Industry 4.0 communication and software-driven FPGA development.

15:45 Industry 4.0 and the importance of Energy Monitoring

Irfan Ullah, University of Kent

The talk will introduce a UHF RFID tag system for real-time ac current sensing of individual appliances in smart homes. The tag system wirelessly streams the ac current data to the dedicated RFID reader in the range of 3 m at 868 MHz. The tag device is an energy harvester and a cost-effective ac current sensing solution compared to commercial smart meters in smart power metering systems.

16:30 Demonstrations

17.00 Close