Your Data Why Should You Care?

Join members of the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project as they open up the conversation around data collection, data-driven technologies and the potential impact it's having on society in this exciting event.

Data collection is part of everyday life but are we really aware of how our personal data may be used and have we truly given our consent to this process? What are the implications of data-driven technologies potentially influencing all areas of our lives; from the standard of healthcare we receive, to the news we view online and even how we decide to vote in elections?

These are some of the themes our panellists from The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project, based at the University of Essex, will explore.

This event is open to all. We hope you can join us as we chat about these issues.

Your Data Why Should You Care?

During the event there will be three presentations. These presentations will include:

“Clicking Those ‘I agree’ Buttons - The Challenges and Implications of Giving Consent Online’

Presented by Sabrina Rau, Senior Research Officer, HRBDT Project.

“Google: Making Us Healthier or Exploiting our Data?”

Presented by Amy Dickens, Doctoral Student, HRBDT Project.

“Living in a Bubble: Disinformation and Online Targeting During Elections”

Presented by Dr Elena Abrusci, Senior Research Officer, HRBDT Project.

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