Psychology Seminar Series: Supportive involvement in chronic illness management

Dr Caitlin Kelly presents her research on chronic illness management

  • Tue 12 Nov 19

    16:00 - 18:00

  • Colchester Campus

    STEM 3.1

  • Event speaker

    Dr Caitlin Kelly

  • Event type

    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Psychology Research Seminars

  • Event organiser

    Psychology, Department of

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Dr Caitlin Kelly gives her talk entitled "Supportive Involvement in Chronic Illness Management: What Works and for Whom Across Development?"

The involvement of other people in the management of a chronic illness like type 1 diabetes is often, but variably, linked to better self-management and outcomes.

In this talk, Dr Kelly will discuss her program of research, which aims to understand, using both developmental and health psychology, what may affect perceptions of supportive involvement that lead to sometimes better and sometimes worse illness outcomes for individuals with type 1 diabetes. That is, are there ‘right ways’ to help support a difficult illness management regimen, or are individuals of different ages with different experiences ‘too different’?

Studies presented will highlight how supportive involvement (e.g., patient-centered communication; perceived collaboration and support from romantic partners) along with individual characteristics or experiences (e.g., attachment insecurity, heightened distress) to promote or hinder diabetes self-care in day-to-day life across development.


Dr Caitlin Kelly is currently a Senior Research Officer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex.

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