Live Without Fear: Taking the Pet out of Petrified

  • Wed 6 Nov 19

    11:00 - 16:00

  • Colchester Campus

    The Hexagon.

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    Just Play

Animals at the event will include: Royal Python, Carpet Python, Boa, lizards (Bearded Dragon), Red Footed Tortoise and invertebrates such as Giant Millipede and Hissing Cockroach.

It’s OK to be scared, being scared means you may choose to do something that is very brave.

You will be welcomed to join an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of enthusiasts to explore the wonderful world of reptiles and insects -  for some these animals are exciting, for others they are terrifying however it is our hope that by being introduced to the wonder and beauty of these animals you will feel able to appreciate them and move beyond any anxieties about them that you may have.

Introductions to the animals, and how you chose to meet them will be controlled by you, at your pace and in a well-managed, safe environment with experienced handlers, therapist and life coach.

This is a free event but donations are welcomed for the charity "Action for the wild". 



Live Without Fear: Taking the Pet out of Petrified