Fake news versus reality

Festival of Social Science 2019

  • Wed 6 Nov 19

    09:00 - 15:00

  • Off Campus

    Colchester Academy

  • Event speaker

    Dr. Valerija Kolbas, Dr. Deborah Wiltshire and Anca Vlad

  • Event type

    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Festival of Social Science

  • Event organiser

    UK Data Archive

  • Contact details

    Gemma Hakins

Fake news versus reality, how can we tell the truth? We teach Year 8 and Year 9 pupils from the Colchester Academy how to tell the difference.

Fake news versus reality

In a world dominated by biased news reporting, social media and digital data, how do we identify real challenges faced today with a view to helping solve them?

With an international reputation for curating the UK’s largest collection of social science and population data since 1967, the UK Data Archive at Essex aims to help pupils improve their critical thinking and analytical skills, whilst hoping to inspire them to check facts, question biased reporting and develop a keen interest in data.

This highly interactive teaching session promises a fun and exciting introduction to the importance and relevance of using data for research about the world around us.  Data scientists Dr. Valerija Kolbas, Dr. Deborah Wiltshire and Anca Vlad from the UK Data Archive will be sharing knowledge with Year 8 and 9 pupils from the Colchester Academy.  Pupils will learn how statistics can provide accurate evidence to get to the truth behind controversial and often misleading news stories about topics affecting their everyday lives including crime, teenage health, religion and immigration.

If other schools are interested in running similar sessions with the UK Data Archive, please visit our website and contact us.

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