Everything I See I Swallow

Everything I See I Swallow

  • Wed 6 - Thu 7 Nov 19


  • Colchester Campus

    Lakeside Theatre

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    Arts, culture and performances

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    Lakeside Theatre

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“I’m not just an object. I’ve made a choice. To be here, to be tied, and… not to deny my sexuality.”

Written and performed by Tamsin Shasha and Maisy Taylor

Devised by Tamsin Shasha, Maisy Taylor and Helen Tennison

Directed by Helen Tennison

Winner of 2 awards at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe – The Scotsman’s Fringe First and Broadway World’s best circus/physical show.

 An art curator discovers that her daughter has amassed over 50,000 followers by posting semi-naked images of herself on Instagram. Is this freedom of expression or exploitation and what is the difference? When does art become pornography and vice versa? How does a mother protect her daughter and when does protection become control?

Set against a backdrop of shifting generational attitudes to empowerment, feminism and sexuality and fusing theatre and aerial work with the erotic art of Japanese rope bondage – shibari, Everything I See I Swallow is a fascinating exploration of epic themes in an intimate setting.