Catalyst Project: Evaluation - showcasing the 'Spotlight Toolkit'

This event will showcase the recently developed impact evaluation 'Spotlight toolkit'.

The Evaluation Toolkit is an interactive decision making platform for designing impact evaluations in order to streamline and better understand the broader impact of public service initiatives. The toolkit will produce bespoke outputs, which will include:

  • an evaluation plan for a business case or funding bid
  • an evaluation framework for a funded project, including timelines, milestones, and deliverables
  • information sharing agreements and protocols to share with partners
  • data collection tools appropriate to your needs, such as surveys, questionnaires, interview protocols, focus group plans, and data sets
  • research ethics protocols

The event will include stations to demonstrate the toolkit and allow guests to use it and see for themselves how they might use it.

Guests are encouraged to arrive with ideas of projects or programmes they wish to evaluate, to input during the demonstration.

This event will be valuable to anyone in charge of evaluating public service projects, or seeking to learn about public programme impact