Service Evaluation of the Virtual Dementia Tour

  • Tue 12 Feb 19

    13:00 - 14:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Colchester: 2s2.3.20 and Southend: GB.2.40

  • Event speaker

    Dr Mary Kennedy (University of Essex), Andy Dixon and David Page (Princess Alexandra Hospital)

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    Lectures, talks and seminars

  • Event organiser

    Health and Social Care, School of

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    Dr Mary Kennedy

Simulation training tools are being used more frequently within health and social care settings to provide staff with experiential learning opportunities in a safe learning environment. Simulation training has been developed for dementia training, in the form of the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT®). It is a scientifically proven training method designed to simulate the experience of dementia through instruction and the use of patented sensory tools that have been researched and validated for accuracy (Beville, 2002)*.

The VDT® gives staff a unique learning experience and insight into how it may feel to live with dementia. The training involves an 8 minute exercise whereby caregivers (e.g. nurses, carers, healthcare professionals) take part in a simulation that tries to evoke what it feels like to have dementia.

Heightening sensitivity through experiencing the VDT® training, staff are helped to understand the impact of dementia on behaviour and emotional status, increasing their awareness of the challenges people with dementia face on a daily basis. This can provide a critical insight into the specific needs of people living with dementia and their families, helping to improve their care.

A single site service evaluation of the VDT ® training package was conducted at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. The aim was to evaluate the impact of the training on the understanding and knowledge of staff that provide care, or come into contact, with people with dementia in the acute hospital setting. The design of the study was primarily qualitative, collecting participant’s views of the VDT ® via; questionnaires, a focus group or a telephone interview. The findings from the evaluation will be presented at the research seminar.

*The Essex VDT ® training programme is delivered by Training2Care UK Ltd. They are a health and social care training provider based in Essex. The organisation is the sole UK partner of the VDT ® created by P.K Beville, CEO of Second Wind Dreams.

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