SPSS - Finding statistics and data in the Social Sciences

Part of a series of 5 workshops to introduce SPSS

This session is part of a series of 5 workshops designed to introduce SPSS and provide hands-on support in understanding and implementing some key statistical methods for research in the social sciences.

This session will focus on potential resources for those studying the social sciences across a range of disciplines and who are looking for data and statistics to use in their research. It will offer an overview of some of the many databases to which the library subscribes, as well as introducing some high quality open access sources.

The other sessions in the series are:

Week 7 (Fri 16 November, 1500) - Entering and Coding Data in SPSS

Week 8 (Fri 23 November, 1500) - Descriptive Statistics Using SPSS

Week 9 - (Fri 30 November, 1500) - Significance Testing for Nominal Variables Using SPSS

Week 10 - (Fri 7 December, 1500) - Significance Testing for Continuous Variables Using SPSS

To book your place on any of these sessions, please contact, or visit, the TDC Helpdesk.

SPSS - Finding statistics and data in the Social Sciences

This event is organised by the Library, in collaboration with the Talent Development Centre, who offer help with all areas of academic skills, English language, maths and statistics.  For other workshops in the series, please see the events page.