• Thu 26 Apr 18

    19:30 - 21:30

  • Colchester Campus

    Lakeside Theatre

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    Arts, culture and performances

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    Lakeside Theatre

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'Information in the universe may be communicating in an instantaneous way. Where everything is actually talking to everything instantaneously, across all scales. So when you move your little finger, everything in the universe knows you moved that finger, and adjusts for it.' Nassim Haramein

Submerge into Humanhood’s hypnotic and powerful piece ‘ZERO’. A visually and sonically mesmerising performance of immersive sound, hypnotising lights and virtuosic movement where the two dancers entangle through a ritualistic journey. Experience a spiritual dance and get transported into a dream-like world of imagination and beauty.

If we started at point zero, how would we look at reality and experience life? Two individuals dive into a sea of energy, reconnecting with identity. 

£6 UoE Students / £9 Concession / £13 Full. Advance prices. More on the door. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the Lakeside Theatre website.