How do Flexibility I-deals Relate to Work Performance?

Exploring the roles of family performance and organisational context

  • Wed 31 Jan 18

    13:00 - 15:00

  • Colchester Campus


  • Event speaker

    Dr Yasin Rofcanin

  • Event type

    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Centre for Work, Organisation and Society

  • Event organiser

    Essex Business School

Centre for Work, Organisation and Society is delighted to welcome Dr Yasin Rofcanin to our weekly research seminar series to present his paper, titled 'How do Flexibility I-deals Relate to Work Performance? Exploring the Roles of Family Performance and Organizational Context'.

Event abstract

Drawing on a Work-Home Resources (W-HR) model and a theory of the conservation of resources (COR), this study explores how flexibility i-deals relate to employees work performance through their family performance. In line with the WH-R model, we introduce two contextual conditions to explain when our proposed associations may unfold. The first, perceived organisational support (POS), is a facilitator, and the other, perceived hindering work demands, is a stressor. The results of a matched sample of employees and their supervisors working in two companies in El Salvador support our hypotheses. The results show that the benefits of flexibility i-deals to the work domain (i.e., work performance) extend only through the family domain (i.e., family performance). Our findings also emphasise that flexibility i-deals do not unfold in a dyadic vacuum: POS strengthens the relationship between flexibility i-deals and family performance, while perceived high hindering work demands weaken the positive relationship between family performance and employee work performance. We contribute to i-deals research by a) exploring a relevant mechanism through which flexibility i-deals influence work performance; b) integrating the role of social context to emphasise the social aspects of i-deals; and c) enriching the i-deals literature by introducing a resource perspective.

Speaker biography

Dr Yasin Rofcanin is a Reader (Associate Professor) of Organisational Behaviour and HRM at University of Bath, School of Management. He has obtained his PhD in Organisational Behaviour and HRM from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. His research focuses on flexible work practices, family supportive supervisor behaviours (FSSBs), HRM differentiation, i-deals, job crafting and employee work engagement. His research has appeared in journals including Human Relations, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Occupational Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management Journal, among others.

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