Puss in Boots

Presented by the University of Essex Theatre Arts Society

  • Thu 14 Dec 17

    19:30 - 21:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Lakeside Theatre

  • Event type

    Arts, culture and performances

  • Event organiser

    Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, Department of

Richard has always felt second best compared to his two older siblings, perhaps because of his Father’s favouritism but probably because of his unfortunate nickname.

Suddenly, after being unexpectedly warped into a magical fairytale, it looks like his luck could be about to change.

Take a generous helping of royals, rabbits and raucous laughter, add a sprinkling of innuendo and throw in a talking cat (obviously!). It’s the Theatre Arts Society’s award-nominated Christmas slot – and it looks set to be a purrr-fect night!

Age guidance for our pantomime is 16+

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