Justice for Millionaires

  • Tue 12 - Wed 13 Dec 17


  • Colchester Campus

    North Teaching Centre

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    Dr Tom Parr

In recent years, there have been a number of notable news stories reporting the extent of Hollywood's gender pay gap, whereby female actors tend to earn considerably less than their male counterparts.

These stories generate conflicting intuitions. On the one hand, unequal remuneration involved looks like a troubling case of gender injustice. On the other hand, there is something odd about the conclusion that these multi-millionaires are victims of distributive injustice: many people believe that the super-rich already have more than that to which they are entitled. 

This workshop considers the different themes that are at play in this apparent conflict of intuitions, such as discrimination, exploitation, sufficiency, feminism, the morality of markets, and expressivism.

Tuesday 12 December - NTC.3.06

1.00pm-2.20pm - Justice for Millionaires?

 David Axelsen (LSE), James Christensen (Essex), and Tom Parr (Essex).

 Discussant: Anne Philips (LSE)

 2.20pm-3.40pm - How Business Executives Think About Distributive Justice.

 Susanne Burri (LSE)

Discussant: Malte Jauch (Essex).

3.40pm-4.10pm - Coffee.

4.10pm-5.30pm - Doping, Millionaire Athletes, and Distributive Justice.

 Tena Thau (Oxford)

 Discussant: Paul Bou-Habib (Essex).

5.30pm - Drinks followed by dinner.

Wednesday 13 December - NTC.3.02

10.00am-11.20am: Fair Equality of Opportunity in Unjust Circumstances.

  Anca Gheaus (UPF)

  Discussant: Lorna Finlayson (Essex).

11.20am-12.40pm: Reparations for Millionaires.

  Mollie Gerver (Newcastle)

  Discussant: Matthew Clayton (Warwick).

12.40pm-1.30pm: Lunch.

1.30pm-2.50pm: Principles of Policies, Being Unfair to the Undeserving and the Excessively Well Off, Robin Hood 'Justice', and Luck Egalitarianism.

  Richard Arneson (UCSD)

  Discussant: Areti Theofilopoulou (Oxford).

 Participation is free but participants must register. Places are strictly limited. To register, please contact Tom Parr (tparr@essex.ac.uk)

 Organised by David Axelsen (LSE), James Christensen (Essex(, and Tom Parr (Essex). Sponsored by The British Academy.