Being Disability Confident

One of the keys to a diverse and talented workforce is being disability confident

Employers want highly talented candidates from diverse backgrounds. Fact. A person with a disability has unique abilities, they're able to improve a workforce by offering more diverse thinking. Now how can disabled students make the most of this fact?

Recruiting a diverse workforce doesn't just make good business sense; many recruiting organisations now recognise that candidates who manage a disability or long term health condition bring a unique set of skills to the workplace.

Being Disability Confident is an open workshop for any student to discuss the possible pitfalls and common misconceptions of applying for jobs as a disabled candidate. You will explore Two Ticks Employers, Disability Disclosure, and Reasonable Adjustment at interview stage.

By the end of the workshop you will have started to identify your own unique skill set, and be ready to begin positively articulating these to employers in your job applications and interview.


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