How has the 2017 General Election affected Brexit?

What effect has the General Election had on the Brexit process currently being negotiated in Brussels?

  • Tue 7 Nov 17

    19:00 - 20:30

  • Colchester Campus

    Lakeside Theatre

  • Event speaker

    Professor Paul Whiteley

  • Event type

    Lectures, talks and seminars
    ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

  • Event organiser

    Government, Department of

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    Professor Paul Whiteley

Has it impacted the separation agreement? How have public attitudes towards Brexit changed over the year?

We investigate changes that have occurred over this period and if there's any evidence of 'Bregret' - that is, voters regretting the decision they made in the referendum and whether this influenced the election outcome.

Professor Paul Whiteley from our Department of Government examines the effects of public opinion on the Brexit negotiations operating both directly via current attitudes to UK membership of the EU, but also indirectly via the political consequences of the general election.

Conventional opinion suggests that the election has weakened the prospects for a 'hard Brexit', which means Britain withdrawing from the single market and the Customs Union, and rejecting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. However our analysis questions if this is really true, and speculates about the likelihood of the UK separating from the EU without a final agreement in March 2019.

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