Essex Crown: The Launch and The Quest

The beginning of the battle to see who will be crowned the best Department at Essex

  • Tue 24 Oct 17

    11:00 - 14:00

  • Southend Campus

    Gateway Building Foyer

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    Essex Crown

Be part of the quest to answer the one question which has puzzled the University of Essex since it's creation: Which Department is the greatest?

On Tuesday in Week 4 Essex Crown will be taking over the Gateway Building to officially launch the exciting new contest which will be taking place across the whole university throughout the Autumn and Spring term. Students and staff from all corners of the campus will be taking part to earn points for their departmental team and finally decide once and for all which department is the best (at least until next year). Give your department a points boost by drawing raffle tickets or take on team-building challenges in The Quest.

The Quest 

Find a different challenge in three locations across Southend campus.

Maybe you fancy tackling the Minefield? You'll need to put your trust in a team-mate to guide your blindfolded partners across the room without touching the mines - does your team have the listening skills and patience to make it across?

If you think your building skills are up to scratch try Marshmallow Mania, a team exercise where you work together to build a marshmallow structure, or you can get to know Southend better with the Scavenger Hunt. This hunt across Southend campus will reveal the hidden secrets of Essex's history and make you a mastermind in navigating secret passageways.

Just choose one challenge to tackle or try out all three!

Essex Crown: The Launch and The Quest

What is the Essex Crown?

The Essex Crown is an exciting competition which pits departments against each other. Contenders earn points by participating in a range of different events. There are weekly riddles to be solved, one-off Essex Sports competitions to be won and skills to show off in The Exhibition. You'll learn new skills in workshops and enjoy some friendly rivalry in The Battle of the Consoles. There'll also be whole host of University of Essex and Students' Union events which you'll get points for by just turning up.

Finally, the top ten departments will face off against each other in The Final Showdown after which one will be crowned as the best department on campus.

How do I get involved?

Just get solving riddles, turning up for a events and put your heads together to show off your creative skills and you'll quickly be racking up points for your department. If you can get staff or postgraduates involved in your teams you earn even more points. 

Riddles will be posted on the library's Twitter page and the University of Essex Facebook page. To find University and SU events where you can earn points just look out for the Essex Crown logo at the bottom of the events page in the Whats-On Guide.

To represent you department in the team based events, including the Essex Crown Sports Events or The Battle of the Consoles, sign-up by emailing crown@essex.ac.uk