Defence Counsel Sedov


A screening of Russia’s only Bafta award winning film, Defence of Counsel Sedov.

 Late one evening in Moscow in 1937, Defense Counsel Sedov hears a knock at the door. Three women whose agronomist husbands have been sentenced to death for alleged sabotage beg him to take on the seemingly hopeless task of saving them. Sedov embarks upon a succession of encounters with increasingly powerful officials, gradually persuading them to look at the case anew. But the highest authorities are not so easily out manoeuvred, with the film building inexorably to its chilling climax.

John Haynes (Director of Film Studies, University of Essex) will also lead Q&A after the film screening. John Haynes has written on Stalinist and post-Stalinist Soviet cinema, including ‘New Soviet Man: Gender and Masculinity in Stalinist Soviet Cinema’.

Please join us for an insightful evening of film and debate. Stay on for a reception after the film.

Free admission. For more information, please visit the Lakeside Theatre Website. 

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