The Clothesline Project

Taking a stand against sexual violence, harassment and hate crime

  • Mon 9 - Fri 13 Oct 17


  • Colchester Campus

    Between Squares 4 and 5

  • Event type

    Arts, culture and performances

  • Event organiser

    Student Life

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As part of the Tackling Sexual Violence, Harassment and Hate Crime Project, the university will showcase a visual display of art between the Squares

The Clothesline Project is a global art movement created with t-shirts by survivors of physical, sexual and emotional violence to express their feelings and stories of abuse and survival.

This display is testimony to the problem of interpersonal violence, and to let those who may suffer in silence know that they are not alone. 

Representatives from CARA, the Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse in Essex, and the local Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), Oakwood Place, will be in attendance to provide information about their services.

The Clothesline Project

The University of Essex does not tolerate any acts of sexual violence, harassment, or hate crime. Zero tolerence means that 

(i) we will take action and

(ii) the action will be proportionate to the circumstances of the case

If you have experienced sexual violence there is help available to you from the University.

Contact itendsnow@essex.ac.uk for information and support.


The Clothesline Project can be found between Squares 4 and 5 on Monday 9 October from 11am to 3pm and Tuesday 10 October till Friday 13 October between 12pm and 2pm.