Big Think

An introduction to the University's cutting-edge THINK! series

  • Thu 5 Oct 17

    15:00 - 16:00

  • Colchester Campus

    LTB 6

  • Event speaker

    Matt Lodder

  • Event type

    Optional Events Programme

  • Event organiser

    Philosophy and Art History, School of

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Fortnightly throughout term, the University of Essex plays host to the award-winning THINK! Series, for which external speakers are invited to discuss hot-button issues of politics, current affairs, and social issues with the collected student body.


This is not a "debate" series, but an opportunity to hear interesting and informed opinion from often marginalised voices. This introductory event will present the aims and goals of the series, and argue for the value of different kinds of platform in the wider contexts of public discourse.

This year's events include, in the first week of term, a live demonstration of mobile phone security by an ethical hacker; a discussion between a young man sent to prison for manslaughter and the mother of his victim; a chance to hear from one ofthe only bankers sent to prison following the effects of the 2008 financial crisis; a student-lead discussion on racism in the University; and a conversation on the activist politics of sex workers by two women working as escorts and campaigners for sex worker rights.

Big Think


The THINK series is a cornerstone of the Essex Education. Engaging with the critical issues of the day is one of the things that makes Essex students unique. At Essex we encourage critical, innovative and forward thinking. Our award-winning THINK series is rebellious and revolutionary. We engage with controversial issues that cross disciplines and discuss the issues and moral dilemmas that really matter. The THINK series is Essex. Are you?

Autumn Term 2017:

  • 18 October - Friend or Fone: Are smart phones out-witting us?
  • 1 November - Race
  • 15 November - Shark-infested banking: A salary for your soul?
  • 29 November - Justice